jsf weekend

01 Jul

De finalisten hebben samen een leuk weekend gehad. Hier zijn de foto’s.

Arletta_tcm3194665 Dsc01375_tcm3192300 Dsc01377_tcm3192301 Dsc01378_tcm3192302 Dsc01380_tcm3192303 Dsc01383_tcm3192304 Dsc01384_tcm3192309 Dsc01386_tcm3192311 Dsc01387_tcm3192313 Dsc01390_tcm3192314 Dsc01394_tcm3192316 Dsc01395_tcm3192318 Dsc01398_tcm3192321 Groepsfotojsfacademy_tcm3194667 Jsfacademy_tcm3194668 Kampvuur_tcm3194669 Kampvuurjsfacademy_tcm3194670 Ontbijtjsfacademy_tcm3194671

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